Monday, August 23, 2010

FINALLY!!! Some Baby Shower pics

This is the cute mama and her sister.  The theme was Jungle babies with pink and green colors. It was also a pool party-which was a blessing because it was incredibly hot that day.

These are the decorations I made. 
 I made tissue paper poms  
 I painted those little masks.  That was a chore!  I haven't painted since I did paint-by-numbers as a child.
The little white flowers were made of napkins,tissue paper, rubber bands, and bendy straws. I placed the masks and flowers in baby bottles, though you can't really tell.

The little wooden animals we bought at Micheals.  I glued clothes pins to them so we could clip them to the fence.  I sewed up strands of paper leaves into a garland.  It's hard to see but I strung those on the fence too. 

If you look close, you can see cute little animal picks in the food.  I found those in the clearance isle in Michaels.  Oh how I love clearance!

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MrsDixon said...

So cute! You are always involved in the cutest themes!