Wednesday, July 21, 2010

They make me go all teeny bopper

I have a mad crush on three things...


My husband-of course!




Motion City Soundtrack

My husband has my heart. 
 The other two - they have my ears.  I go all teeny bopper when I hear their music.  It takes me back to my college days and being 18. 
When I was 19 I met the guys in Sugarcult and I couldn't say hardly anything...  Dorkiest moment EVER!  Well maybe not ever, but pretty close.
Both bands have fun music.  Come on, the dude in Motion City with the crazy hair- I wanna hang out with him on that fact alone.

Who makes you go all teeny bopper?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My mini-hair makeover fantasy

The Beginning

The Middle

The End

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I love thrifting and yard sales.  I have not had any time lately to do either. 
So can you imagine how excited I was when my mom called and said she found a deal for me?

I purchased 14 hampers full of fabric and various other crafts.
Yes, 14!  Most of which are fabric.
You can be jealous now ;)

She picked it up for me.  They loaded the entire bed of a truck full of the hampers.  It is now sitting in my moms garage waiting on me.

How much did this set me back?
Only 30 bucks!  Fabric is expensive and I am thrilled to get this!
Now I need dressers so I can organize all of it. 

 Hi ho, hi ho, to craigslist I go.