Friday, June 18, 2010

Still got it...Continued

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So, while we were at the Indian Mill, there was an older gentleman sitting in the museum.  By older, I mean old.  Silver hair, saggy eyes, pen in the pocket of the shirt, old.

He asked me if I enjoyed Indian history, where I was from and where I was going-small talk.
I thought he worked there.  My friend Jenny caught up with me around that time.  We walked past him and was looking down one of the viewing windows.  That is when he came up to us again.  He suggested a few good hotels and such.  Again, just small talk.  He reminded me of my grandpa, likes to share travel info.

Out of no where, he looked at Jenny and said  "no wedding ring?"

The conversation went as follows:

Jenny "no, not me"

Him "Well, are you looking for a rich old man?"

Jenny (laughing) "somedays!"

Him "I am a retired attorney"

Jenny (still laughing)  "so are you telling me your rich?"

Him "I also have rental properties.  I have my estate going to my collage.  My kids are written out of my will. They don't respect me, by fault of their mother. "

Jenny "sounds like your children are foolish "

Him "I've been divorced for 40 years"

Jenny " I have been for 7- I have a 9 yr old son"

Him "Well, if I die-ok. But if I have a stroke or something, I have no one to look after me.  Do you work?"

Jenny "I am a bookkeeper"

Him (eyes light up) "Well I would be very generous to someone.  I need help with my rentals- paying bills, collecting rent.  I'd give you a house.  May I give  you my number?"

Jenny "ok.........." (looking at me with bug eyes)

When he pulled out a scrap piece of paper and pen, he handed it to her so that she could write it down (smooth move if you ask me).

He asked for her number but she wasn't giving it up.  The whole thing was unbelievable.  It wasn't a creepy old guy or anything.  We feel bad for his family situation.

Anyone else been offered a lifestyle?

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