Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Still got it...22 to 71

My weekend was pretty eventful.  I had a very busy day at the salon on Saturday (yay!). Once work was finished, I had plans to spend the weekend with my ex-wife best friend, Jenny.  My hubs had to work so it was girl time. 

Saturday night we decided to go out "clubbin".  We started "clubbin" when I was 18 and she 25...  We only go out once in awhile now and when we do, we feel old.  My best friend is 32 and I am 25. 

We wanted to go to our old fav place, The Big Sleezy Easy.  It's a Country bar on one side, Dance Club on another, pool tables, etc.  My bff is more country than I, but we both rock the line dances :) Don't judge!

When we are tired of the line dances, we "go ghetto" on the Dance club side.

Wouldn't you know our old song "Work It" by Missy Elliott came on!!! 
Jenny knows how to move her biscuits and tends to attract some male attention.
Saturday night was no exception.  She grabbed the eyes of a 22 yr old.  He didn't even know the song!!!  Ugh, feelin' old.

We wrapped up the night, deciding to make a trip up to the lake for the  Walleye Festival on Sunday.

On the way up to Lake Erie, we stopped by an old Indian Mill.  While we were there, Jenny was not just hit on, she was offered a lifestyle...did I mention the man was 71 years old???  I will go into detail with another post 'cause it's kinda a crazy story.

So in short, she's still got it. 

From 22 to 71!

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