Tuesday, June 22, 2010

my generation...needy or helpful?

So, today I had a thought.   I hear and read  so many stories on line about my generation needing babied in the workplace.  The bosses are told we need more recognition than any other generation before us.  They are told that we just don't accept not being  awarded for doing our job.  They say we get this from our parents.  That the world revolves around us and that we are spoiled.

 I always felt uneasy reading these articles, and to be honest, a little hurt by them.  I cannot speak for my generation as a whole, only for myself.  I do not think I need to be babied. 
I believe I work my best when I feel needed and helpful.  Does that sound self righteous to you?  I find it difficult to do a job when I am given minimum flexibility.  I like to be helpful.  It's in my blood.  If I am not feeling helpful, then what is the point?  I try to do everything at 100%.  It is hard to do that when you are only given a tiny piece of the puzzle-yet are expected to know what the end result looks like.

I am not sure any of this makes sense and that is OK.  I just was annoyed by all the bad media attention.  I wanted to get it off my chest.

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