Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In the jungle, the mighty jungle ♪♪♪

The baby shower invitations are in the mail so I want to share with you how they turned out.  Sorry for the poor quality pics, its late so I had to use my flash.

We created mini diapers out of fabric and inserted the invites.

Though a jungle of green,
Audree is waiting to emerge to be seen,
Join the Jungle fun oh please come,
this is a day to celebrate a brand new mom.

Monkeys, tigers, elephants, and giraffes,
Can be found in booked filled with adventures and laughs,
Books provide opportunities to learn and explore,
So lets fill baby Audree's library from ceiling to floor,
Filling the library should not be hard,
if you would please sign a book instead of a card.

What do you think??? I hope my cousin likes them.

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