Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hey, look! A Chicken!

This is what I feel like...

I wrapped up the baby shower last week.  It was a success! 
I will post pics when I find my darn camera cord.

This week is crazy busy.  I have been to the physical therapist for my wrist (I have tendinitis but it's almost all better now!)  I am doing hair every night-except Wednesday.  Wednesday I am cleaning house.  My Dad, Step Mom, and Sister are coming down Saturday so after work, I am going to hang out with them.  We I am having a cookout Sunday.  It might not sound like a lot but I am exhausted already!  Plus, Kevin is leaving me on Thursday.  He is going to WI with a friend for the 4th.

Excuse my pouting. 

The positives:

-Cash money for the hair
-Get to visit with lots of family
-Learning to cook on the grill
-I will appreciate my free time when it comes around

How is your week going?  What are your positives?

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