Friday, May 7, 2010

Give your hair to help the Gulf

I have had my eye on an organization called Matter of Trust for some time now.  They are an amazing organization that uses hair to clean up oil spills.  Now that we have had a major oil disaster in the Gulf, the word about  Matter of Trust is getting out. 
       You can check out the You Tube video HERE.
Here is how it works:
Salons collect hair, free of debris, and nylon pantyhose then ship it to Matter of Trust

There are two uses for the hair:

1.The hair is weaved into Hair Mats.  These mats are used to soak up the oil on beaches or in animal cages for rehabilitating oil soaked animals.
2.The nylons are stuffed with hair, creating booms to prevent the oil from leaving the contained space.

What do they do with the hair AFTER it is used to clean up the oil?  They decompose it with worms!  Yep, they are brilliant

"After hair soaks up the oil, it can be mixed 9:1 with greenwaste, composted over 2 years, and fed to worms! The bacteria in the compost and worm tummies break down the oil and the worms create a fantastic fertilizer!"

Another cool thing, this organization is creating Green, New Jobs!!!  Everyone knows the unemployment rate in the country is sickening.  This organization is gold in my eyes.

So, where do you come in to play? 
If you bring me your new or used nylons, even with runs, I will give you a COMPLIMENTARY EYEBROW WAX, valued at $10 at The Beauty Shoppe.

While I cannot donate your eyebrow hair, I can donate from your hair cuts.  I will be collecting all hair clippings and sending them in to Matter of Trust. 

For those of you who are not local, here is what you can do:

-Personally donate hair and pantyhose yourself
-Spread the word, via blogs, social networks, local press
-Ask your salon to start donating
-Make a monentary donation

Thanks for helping our environment.

all images come from, except the eyebrow one-that came from a yahoo image search

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