Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Something for the little ones

My cousin's baby was turning 1 and I needed a gift.  I didn't know what to get her so I searched blogland and found a few examples of felt letters.  I decided that would be my gift.
I made the Mail Bag after I made the letters so I could make sure everything fit. 

These were my postcards.  I made the address' and the stamps removable so they could be switched out.

These are the other side of the postcards and some envelopes.

In the envelopes, I put construction paper so she can write scribble notes to Mommy & Daddy or Grandma & Grandpa.

These were incredibly easy to do and the little girl loved them.  They are also a gift that will keep a child's attention for a few years.

Let me know if you make any!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'll get around to this blog, eventually...

I have been neglecting this blog.  I don't feel guilty though. Well, I don't feel guilty all the time.
I have had a lot of life changes.  I started my own business, as a hairstylist.  I rent space at a cute little shop in Newark, The Beauty Shoppe. I plan on updating both blogs more frequently.  

Enough of that, check out what I made! 
It's a little girls hair accessory organizer.  I used: -
a black frame from Goodwill
-a place mat from the dollar store for the background
-ribbons for the part that holds the hair clips
-buttons from my stash
-wooden heart from the craft store.
I just hot glued it all together.  This is a gift for a family friend.  I can't wait to give it to her!