Monday, November 16, 2009


The time has come to get started on my 2nd Annual Christmas Cookie Exchange. I was hoping I would not have to have this at my place again but all the local party halls are too expensive for my taste. So, my mom has graciously offered to help clean, organize, other words, be an additional host. I am so thankful for that because after last year (my first year), I did not think I was going to do it again.

This is how it went down last year:

One afternoon surfing the net I came across an idea.

How brilliant! A cookie exchange! The idea behind a cookie exchange is to bake several dozen of one type of cookie. Then get together with your girls and exchange them so you leave with the same amount of cookies, just several different kinds. Easy peasy!

Well, as I start on a project, I keep adding, and adding, and adding - till it’s so big I don't even realize how it became that way. My cookie exchange was certainly no exception.

It had to be fun, it had to be relaxed, and it had to be memorable.

All was dandy. I got my invites out in a timely manner (impressive considering I am a BIG procrastinator). Then disaster had to strike. My brilliant crafty side of my brain said to wrap the invited with ribbon and two tiny jingle bells. SOOO cute! Apparently the postage machines did not think that was. An unknown number of invites were eaten and destroyed by the USPS postage sorting machines. I guess they were hungry.

When I discovered this, I immediately resent the invites. Not as big of a disaster as I had thought. I could breathe again.

Then came the big day. I had my dough prepped. The house was clean. I was singing Christmas songs. Time to prepare my cookies.

Batch #1- FAIL! Try again


Batch #2- FAIL! Try again


Batch #3- FAIL!

First lesson of the day- I suck at sugar cookies. I know, I know. I should have baked a day or two in advance. I already told you I procrastinate! In my defense, I worked both jobs for a total of over 60 hours that week. So following the official Cookie Exchange Rules, I had no choice but to go to a bakery and buy my cookies. I was the host and I had to hang my head in shame!

By time the guests arrived I was a frazzled mess. I tried to have fun.

To me though, the whole thing felt a bit awkward.

I am still learning the whole hostess thing. I love it but I am not great at it.

I said goodbye to the last fellow cookie exchanger-er.

Then I closed the door and said, "I won't be doing another one of these."

Fast forward one year, and here I am, trying again. One of the girls that came last year said how much she enjoyed it and wanted me to have another one.

Hey, why not, I don't like defeat!

Has anyone else had a cookie exchange? How about an awkward time being a hostess?

Any tips or encouragement is welcomed.


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